Surgical Management in Snoring and Sleep-disordered Breathing

by Saldaña Rodolfo Lugo


The purpose of bringing this book, Surgical Management in Snoring and Sleep-disordered Breathing, is to unite diagnostic and treatment criteria of the obstructive airway sleep disorders. The first option to these patients is the continuous or automatic positive air pressure therapy. This book discusses in depth the options and indications, which in turn, will direct you to the proper therapy. The book guides the ENT surgeons to infer a proper diagnosis in such patients who go through some sorts of surgical procedures to the first-line treatment, the device of nocturnal positive pressure (CPAP or APAP). The book includes a lot of information presented by otolaryngologists, anesthesiologists, and maxillofacial surgeons who are in contact with patients suffering from some type of sleep-disordered breathing that causes sleep fragmentation and therefore affects their quality of sleep and quality of life.


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