Physiotherapy of the Shoulder

by Mohanty PP, Pattnaik Monalisa


This book “Physiotherapy of the Shoulder” covers the basic anatomy and the biomechanics of the shoulder, evaluation, Impingement syndrome etc. to understand the mechanical problems of the shoulder joints. Shoulder injuries are more common in athletes participates in sports like javelin, discus, short put, baseball, volleyball etc., and Throwing action and pattern is almost same in all types of sports. Throwing movements goes into abduction, extension and external rotation of shoulder which may cause muscle stretching and fracture. Therefore, the proper evaluation and assessment is the key for appropriate planning of the physiotherapy management of any problem, which leads to the successful management. This book has discussed almost all the shoulder related problems, syndromes, all the possible physiotherapy methods and techniques for the treatment and preoperative and postoperative care of the shoulder after surgery.


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