An Aid to Electrocardiogram

by Sarker Harendra Nath


“An aid to electrocardiogram” is a book which is an instant help for student and clinician to learn, interpret and solve problem regarding ECG. This book is written in two parts. Part one is rendered to describe basic knowledge of ECG such as ECG paper, leads, placement of leads, recording and individual waves. It tells the genesis of waves, their characters both physiological and pathological. It also describes ECG changes of different cardiac conditions like ischemia, infarction and arrhythmias. This will help the readers to interpret ECG correctly and rapidly by giving rule of thumb. This book describes whole events of ECG sequentially which help reader to give perfect knowledge. Arrhythmia is a tough topic which is described easily with classification and illustrations. Myocardial infarction and ischemia are crucial to diagnose where ECG has an immense role. This is described clearly with sequential changes. Part two of this book describes types, clinical features and treatment in short of all types of arrhythmia. The last chapter of this book contains ECG changes with illustration in different systemic diseases.


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