Advances in Diabetes Management: A Case Compendium

by Magdum Mohan, Agarwal Sanjay, Kale Shailaja, AG Unnikrishnan

The increasing vogue of diabetes in India is a matter of concern. The authors have given an enriched content of this compendium with their clinical experience, which helps them use the best scientific evidence along with clinical realities. This book is a courteous attempt to help those suffering from diabetes and its complications. And all the chapters are well explained along with the case studies for better understanding. Some of the topics discussed are polycystic ovarian syndrome: a metabolic disease, fibrocalculous pancreatic diabetes, type-1 diabetes in setting of autoimmune polyglandular syndrome, gestational diabetes mellitus, aggressive glucose control and worsening vision, glucose control in kidney disease, neuropathy in diabetes, etc. Further, it gives a deep knowledge in diabetes medications and cardiac failure, oral drugs in diabetic pregnancies, hypoglycemia unawareness, gastroparesis and vaccination in diabetes. Thus, the book gives a complete overview on the advances in diabetes management and it also discusses important questions related to the case studies.

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