RSSDI Textbook of Diabetes Mellitus

by Chandalia Hemraj B, Sridhar Gumpeny Ramachandra, Das Ashok Kumar, Madhu Sri Venkata

This text book has been received enthusiastically by the medical profession since its first publication in the year 2002.The book is primarily targeted to diabetologists, endocrinologists and physicians involved in diabetes care. The third edition of the book is a fully revised edition, incorporating all newer advances on the subject. The book contains 94 chapters covering basic physiology, ethiopathology, epidemiology, genetics and immunology of diabetes. The clinical sections include clinical profile, management of diabetes and its complications. The last sections cover diabetes at different phases of life, living with diabetes and diabetes healthcare delivery. The last chapter gives an extensive insight into the shape of things to come in the near future. Above contents include comprehensive accounts of each subject and are written with great accuracy and lucidity. Although the previous editions focused on the diabetes in the developing world, the present edition has shifted its focus to whole world, thus enhancing the utility of the book to the readers anywhere. This book is expected to fulfill a vital role in promoting the understanding of diabetes.


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