Hematology Oncology

by Gambhir Ajay, Sachdeva Anupam, Dubey AP, Chugh Krishan

This manual on “Hematology and Oncology” bridges the gap of knowledge under all subspecialties of pediatric medicine. Universal guidelines for all practicing pediatricians at all times during prescription are provided here, which helps in good and ethical prescription. Some of the disorders which are extremely difficult to be identified just by looking at their signs and symptoms are explained here with evidences and options. Some of them discussed here include thrombocytopenia, coagulation disorders, bleeding disorders and others. Among patients referred for symptoms of bleeding, the most common diagnoses are platelet secretion defects, von Willebrand factor deficiency, platelet dense granule deficiency, and no diagnosis or factor XIII deficiency, which are without symptoms are explained in the manual with charts, and representative pictures. Approaches to treatment have shifted over the past decade from on-demand therapy to prophylaxis, either primary or secondary, which is exclusively explained for hemostasis condition.


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