MRCPsych Paper B: 600 MCQs and EMIs

by Patel Ashok G, Seshadri Madhavan, Ramkisson Roshelle

The book ‘MRCPsych Paper B 600 MCQs and EMIs’ will enhance the knowledge of psychiatry trainees improving their patient care skills. The book consists of three chapters. Questions given in the first two chapters are related to the MRCPsych curriculum. The third chapter provides a mock exam representative of Paper B. All questions are based on the curriculum and thorough answers have been provided to explain the rationale behind each correct answer option. Questions related to organisation and delivery of psychiatric services, research methods, statistics, critical review and evidence-based practice, general adult psychiatry, old age psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, learning disability, forensic psychiatry; substance misuse/addictions, and psychotherapy are discussed. Theme covered in third chapter includes Neuropsychiatric disorders in old age, Comparison of relationships between different variables, Types of data and distribution, Risk of developing a psychiatric disorder, Culture-bound syndrome, Mechanism of action for drugs used in the treatment of dementia, Risk assessment in elderly people, Intoxication symptoms due to chemical substances, Prevalence of illnesses in children and adolescents, Assessment tools used in forensic services, Chromosomal abnormalities associated with learning difficulties, Randomisation methods in research studies, Randomised control trials, and many others.

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