Comprehensive Textbook of Sexual Medicine

by Kar Gopal Chandra, Kar Nilamadhab

There is still a long way to go bringing the sexual medicine to the remit of common everyday clinical practice. There are issues regarding exploring, assessing sexual problems, inadequate use of the available knowledge base in helping patients, insufficient training options in this regard in medical curriculum and stigma-related hurdles. There are clinicians who are still hesitant to tread in this area during their clinical practice citing various factors including sensitivity of the matters. Poor public education and perpetuating myths are still influencing appropriate help-seeking by the affected population. There are continuous changes in sexual expressions and permissiveness in different cultures. This is evident in electronic and print media, social interactions and in public places. Frictions in generational attitudes to sexuality are still common place and sometimes have led to newer realizations that are fraught with discomfort. There have been many developments in social issues related to sexuality as well. Changing societal attitudes to sexuality are being observed in many cultures. More and more acceptance for the homosexuality and gay marriages is evident in various countries including those with highly traditional communities. There are conflicts no doubt amongst cultural, religious and political groups and legal issues involving these transformations involving the liberation of sexual expression and behavior; but these are understandably the part and parcel of any change. All these above imply constant change in the areas of sexuality, its expression, which needs greater understanding and study.

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