Adult Immunization

by Muruganathan A, Mathai Dilip, Nadkar Milind Y, Sharma SK

The present book provides comprehensive information on adult immunization with respect to its current and future prospective. It gives detail information on widely used vaccine against prevention of diseases for instance malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis and need of new vaccines. The book reveals the potential global impact of adult immunization which includes economic, ethical, cost effective and clinical trials being conducted in order to introduce vaccine into market. Each chapter in the book envisions brief description of the disease followed by clinical features, laboratory diagnosis and risk management of the disease with reference to use of vaccines and its future prospective. The book also marks on different types of vaccination schedule, contraindications, precautions to vaccination and importance of revaccination in adults. It gives detail on principles of vaccination and guidelines to be followed on administration of vaccines, vaccine storage and handling. Overall the book serves as an excellent reference that covers all aspects of immunization. The book is designed for medical communities, students and health officials who have keep interest in understanding vaccination.


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