First Aid for the Match, 5th Edition

First aid for the match 5By

  • Tao Le, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, Section of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, University of Louisville, KY
  • Vikas Bhushan, MD, practicing diagnostic radiologist in Los Angeles, CA
  • Christina Shenvi, PhD, MD, Resident, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC

Make or break advice on getting into the residency program of your choice

Written by medical students who recently completed the match process

First Aid for the Match is a insider’s guide to preparing for and succeeding in the match process. The fifth edition features a new, two-color interior design, the latest statistics and advice on matching in each specialty and major sub-specialty, advice on preparing for the 4th year of medical school, and special considerations for IMGs and residents with young families. A chapter on what to do if you don’t match (“the scramble”) is also included. Chapters on polishing your CV and writing stellar application essays, plus tips on “wowing” them during the interview, will help you map your career path and plan appropriately for success.


    • Statistics and advice on matching in all major specialties and now–NEW!–major sub-specialties
    • Includes perspectives by residents/fellows about each sub-specialty and why/how they chose it, what their thought process was in choosing it, the attractions and challenges of the field, the future of the field, etc.
    • Application and interview tips, including expanded section on interview questions to include more questions for all interviews, as well as for each specialty. Added examples of difficult or unexpected questions and examples of good ways to think about answering certain questions and things to avoid saying
    • Exapnded section of CVs and high-impact personal statements with real examples and advice on what not to do.
    • Advice for international medical graduates and residents with young families

Advice on travelling to interviews, with new ideas and tips for travel/lodging, and useful websites

  • Comprehensive guide to the match and planning for match success. Although some information is available on the internet (some not reliable), this book gathers it all in one place and adds valuable insider information and advice.


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