The Modern Role Of Beta-Blockers In Cardiovascular Medicine

The modern role of beta blockers in cardiovascular medicineBy

  • John Malcolm Cruickshank M.D, Independent Cardiovascular Consultant, University College Hospital, London, Withington Hospital, Manchester, UK

This pocket manual is a valuable tool for medical students as well as cardiovascular practitioners and internists worldwide, and provides a concise and much-needed update of beta-blocker use in the cardiovascular area (particularly hypertension and heart failure).

Beta-blockers (BBs) are a large and important family of therapeutic agents with primary use is in cardiovascular medicine.  The therapeutic areas that BB covers include:  Ischemic Heart Disease,HypertensionHeart Failure and Arrhythmias.

It also provides a current update of the vital role of beta-blockers in the treatment of heart failure, and why some beta-blockers are “ineffective”. 

The book also uncovers the clinical inaccuracies of how the UK NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) Committee have “got it wrong” in their recent pronouncements on BBs and hypertension.


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