Gantz’s Manual of Clinical Problems in Infectious Disease, 6th Edition Retail PDF

Gantz manual of clinical problems in infectious disease 6By

  • James W Myers MD Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Infectious Disease, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN
  • Jonathan P Moorman MD
  • Cassandra D Salgado MD

Since publication of the First Edition in 1979, much has changed in the way we view, diagnose, and treat infectious diseases. The Sixth Edition of this respected reference focuses on challenging clinical situations faced by practitioners of all levels who deal with infectious diseases. The latest advances in the field are covered—from descriptions of newly recognized infectious agents, to the latest diagnostic tests and emerging treatments.

Topics of interest include: diagnostic and resistance testing in patients with AIDS, management of West Nile virus, malaria in travelers, pacemaker-related infections, needlestick injuries in healthcare workers, antibiotic dosing of obese patients, interpretation of MICs, and planning for bioterrorism defense.

Look inside and discover…

  • Actionable information from respected authors focused on the areas that trainees most often find challenging.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated content—virtually all chapters are new to this edition.
  • Selected annotated references focus on papers that provide clinical guidance.
  • Problem-oriented approach promotes critical thinking.


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