Churchill’s Pocketbook of Intensive Care, 3rd Edition

Intensive careBy

  • Simon M. Whiteley, MB, BS, FRCA, Consultant, Intensive Care, St James University Hospital, Leeds, UK;
  • Andrew Bodenham, MB, BS, FRCA, Consultant, Intenstive Care, The General Infirmary at Leeds, Leeds, UK
  • Mark C. Bellamy, MA, MB, BS, FRCA, Professor of Intensive Care, St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK

A pocketbook of intensive care for junior doctors/residents working on the intensive/critical care unit.

Key Features

  • Clear and straightforward advice on management of conditions found in ITU, including instruction on when to seek help from senior staff.
    Guides to common problems which cause difficulty for the trainee are conveniently indexed inside the front cover – eg diarrhoea, oliguria, problems during central venous access, problems with chest drains.
    Comprehensive coverage of the common conditions found in the ITU.
    Attractive, clear page design with danger icon to mark crucial clinical points where a trainee may make a mistake.

New to This Edition

  • Expanding of guidelines on sepsis.
  • Revision of cardiovascular section with regard to monitoring and use of inotropes.
  • More on non-invasive ventilatory support in respiratory section.
  • Coverage of MARS (liver support system) in renal section.
  • Updating of section on myocardial infarction with regard to angiplasty and stents.
  • Updating of CPR protocols.


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