Yoga Application for Low Back Pain

Yoga Application for Low Back PainBy

  • Dongaonkar Dayanand

This book Yoga Application for Low Back Pain constitutes a crystallisation of the author’s experience of introducing the techniques and philosophy of yoga. The protocol mentioned in this book was tried on many patients and all of them were benefitted to variable degree of comfort. The inclusion of global statistics of low back pain and economic burden highlights the magnitude of problem. The pain modulation concept is wonderfully explained. The design of the book fulfilled the quest of academician as well as general public. The simplified language and illustrations makes the book more acceptable. This book gives a broad outlook to the problem as well as focuses on the methods to curb it. The resurgence of yogic lifestyle is not a fad, but a requirement of the present times. The time has come to have a comprehensive book which can guide a student and be a companion for consultants and general practitioners giving much-needed direction to the common public. This book achieves this all with an amazing simplicity. The text is thoughtfully written and gives very practical solution to the practice of yoga for a healthy living. The book is worth preserving in every home as a treasure.


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