Essentials of Haematology, 2nd Edition

Essentials of HaematologyBy

  • Kawthalkar Shirish M

The Second edition of Essentials of Haematology covers commonly encountered haematologic disorders and basics of blood transfusion in a concise manner. Incorporates more than 400 figures, tables, and boxes and is updated with the current knowledge in the field. This book divided into five sections beginning with section on physiology of blood, covering the overview of blood, followed by sections on disorders of red bool cells(Anaemia), while blood cells, Haemostasis and concluding with blood transfusion which discusses the different techniques such as serologic and microbiologic. This book provides essential information to undergraduate and postgraduate students of pathology and medicine with emphasis on pathogenesis, diagnosis, and salient features of treatment. Useful to students for understanding the subject and will also be of help to those practising diagnostic haematopathology.


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