Principles and Practice of Trauma Care

Author: Kochar SK

Trauma commonly affects the age group of 15–35 years which also happens to be economically most productive population. Trauma is fast becoming an epidemic and it is high time that drastic steps should be taken to reduce its incidence on one hand and to effectively managethe ever-increasing cases on the other. All surgeons, whatever, specialty they are, pursuing and all doctors, whatever, discipline they may belong to, at one or the other time are involved in trauma care. Admittingly, the trauma care being often of emergency nature is not given adequate stress in the graduate or postgraduate level. Surgeons, who have to pursue it either by choice or by compulsion, have to learn from accumulated emergency department experience or to some help from conferences, workshops, CME or books. With this lacuna in training and ever-increasing demand on surgeons of all hues, that this book Principles and Practice of Trauma Care has been conceived and planned. A generous help has been taken from superspecialists to beef up the effort of a general surgeon approach to the subject. The book will be useful to surgeons globally.


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