Social Participation in Occupational Contexts: In Schools, Clinics, and Communities

by Marilyn Cole (Editor), Mary Donohue (Editor)
Throughout Social Participation in Occupational Contexts: In Schools, Clinics and Communities, Professors Marilyn B. Cole and Mary V. Donohue explain how social interactions and environments can facilitate occupational performance or can create barriers to participation from an occupational perspective.

The beginning chapters of this comprehensive text define the broad range of social skills, competencies, contexts, and cultural norms for social participation in everyday life, offering multiple opportunities for learning and practicing specific skills. Section One also provides an overview of theoretical foundations of social learning, social capital, and the application of social participation in educational learning environments.

Section Two reviews social development from childhood to maturity providing a backdrop for a clearer understanding of the interplay of occupation and socialization in interpersonal relationships and natural community groups. Also covered are opportunities for development of social participation in professional education that illustrate theory application in classroom, fieldwork, and community settings for all age groups.

Parameters for evaluating social participation situations, contexts, skills, and norms are discussed in Section Three, along with a variety of tools relevant to the assessment of social participation from client and contextual perspectives, including critiques of these evaluation instruments.

Lastly, in Section Four, occupational intervention approaches designed to foster social skills and remove barriers will enable practitioners and students to facilitate social participation and development across the lifespan.

Occupational focus emphasized through an extension of International Classification of Functioning and the American Occupational Therapy Association Practice Framework
Role-playing scenarios in each chapter provide participatory learning techniques
Applies theories from several fields to occupational contexts
Provides evaluations and interventions to address social participation issues
International sources in the theory and research provide a global perspective of the concept of social participation
Faculty members will enjoy an instructor’s manual and a PowerPoint presentation in a 14-week semester format
Whether you’re an occupational therapy practitioner, student, health professional, teacher, or community group leader, the knowledge and benefits you’ll acquire from Social Participation in Occupational Contexts: In Schools, Clinics and Communities are endless.


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