Acing the GI Board Exam: The Ultimate Crunch-Time Resource

by Brennan Spiegel
While traditional textbooks and board review manuals can provide you with long and detailed facts that are not always needed for the board and re-certification exams, Acing the GI Board Exam by Dr. Brennan Spiegel presents time-tested and high-yield information for study preparation. Why You Will Need to Read Acing the GI Board Exam: Carefully vetted board-style vignettes with color images Comprehensive yet succinct answers using a high yield format Emphasis on key clinical pearls and board buzzwords Answers to classic board threshold values that you need to know but always seem to forget (e.g. how high must gastrin rise for a secretin stimulation test to be positive?) Rapid Fire Crunch Time exam with 170 classic one-liners such as: Alopecia + dystrophic nails + colon polyps = Diagnosis Chapters Include: A compilation of lessons learned from past test-takers Tough Stuff board review vignettes Board review Clinical Threshold Values Crunch Time Self Test time to get your game on! With its focus on pearl after pearl, emphasis on images, and attention to high-yield tough stuff vignettes you don’t know the answers to (yet), Acing the GI Board Exam is truly the ultimate crunch-time resource for acing the GI and Hepatology examination, taking re-certifying examinations, looking good on clerkship rounds, or for just challenging yourself with interesting and entertaining vignettes.


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