Ulcerative Colitis: The Complete Guide to Medical Management

by Gary Lichtenstein (Editor)
Dr. Gary R. Lichtenstein, along with Dr. Ellen J. Scherl, have collaborated with over 60 experts from around the world to provide gastroenterologists and those in training with the necessary information to successfully manage the patient with ulcerative colitis.

Sections Include:
• General o The role of the FDA in drug development; pediatric considerations; disease modifiers; and more
• Medications o Antibiotic use in treatment of UC; oral novel biological therapies for UC; calcineurin inhibitors use in UC; novel biologic and non-biologic therapy for UC; and more
• Specific Clinical Presentations o Medical management of toxic megacolon; management of extraintestinal manifestations; medical therapy of left-sided UC; use of prebiotics and probiotics; maintenance of remission; and more

• Color images, graphs, and tables
• Extensive index that includes cross-referencing to Crohn’s Disease: The Complete Guide to Medical Management
• Comprehensive references at the end of each chapter

Organized into an easy-to-reference format, Ulcerative Colitis: The Complete Guide to Medical Management threads theory into practice and provides gastroenterology professionals with the most comprehensive information available.

The other side of inflammatory bowel disease is covered in Drs. Gary R. Lichtenstein and Ellen J. Scherl’s Crohn’s Disease: The Complete Guide to Medical Management. All gastroenterologists will find both books to be essential for future practice in the treatment and care of their patients with either Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, as well as in the overall management of those with inflammatory bowel disease.


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