Movement Disorders: Unforgettable Cases and Lessons from the Bedside

by Hubert Fernandez (Editor), Marcelo Merello (Editor)

Clinical case studies have long been recognized as a useful adjunct to problem-based learning and continuing professional development. Movement Disorders collects over 90 of the most memorable and challenging movement disorder cases from the world’s leading authorities in this specialty. Compelling vignettes covering the entire phenomenology of movement disorders are presented succinctly but descriptively to walk the reader through the diagnostic process-much like being in the examining room with a master clinician. Each case follows a set format consisting of four sections: The Case; The Approach; The Lesson; Reference and Suggested Readings. Imaging findings and other illustrations amplify the discussion where pertinent.

Movement Disorders features:

  • Collection of over 90 compelling cases covering standard movement disorders phenomenology
  • Cases are vividly described, well-illustrated, and authoritatively written with a section on “lessons learned” at the end of each vignette
  • Captures the “human element” in medicine-first-person narratives simulate the experience of sitting at the elbow of a master clinician interviewing and examining the patient
  • Designed to help hone diagnostic skills and inform treatment decisions for the full spectrum of movement disorders
  • Vignette titles serve as a reference index for clinicians to easily search similar cases they may have encountered (i.e. An Elderly Man with Dystonia; Chorea in a Young Athlete)


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