Recovery of People with Mental Illness: Philosophical and Related Perspectives

by Abraham Rudnick (Editor)

This book addresses philosopher and related aspects of recovery of people with mental illness. The notion of recovery from, in, and beyond mental illness is rapidly being accepted and is inserting more hope into mainstream psychiatry and other pans of the mental health care system around the world. Yet in spite of conceptual and other challenges that this notion raises, including a variety of interpretations, there is scarcely any systematic philosophical discussion of it. This book addresses philosophical issues, including conceptual chaises and opportunities, raised by the notion of recovery of people with mental illness. The interdisciplinary and transcultural approach of the book facilitates a broader and deeper under standing of this notion and will thus impact on empirical research; practice, and policy influenced by this notion. Recovery of People with Mental Illness reflects a variety of backgrounds (such as philosophy, psychiatry, psychology, anthropology, administration, medical ethics, and user groups). The discussion is philosophical and more generally conceptually focused, while strongly informed by scientific, experiential, and other aspects of recovery and of mental illness. The book will contribute to further research, reflective practice, and policy making in relation to the recovery of people with mental illness.


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