Clinical Examinations in Cardiology

by B. N. Vijay Raghawa Rao

Systematically divided into six parts, this book presents a lucid and comprehensive exposition of Clinical Cardiology. The basic concepts and procedures have been explained in a simple and logical manner and a large number of illustrations and tables have been included throughout the text to facilitate understanding of the subject. In total, there are 749 figures, 245 tables, and 675 references. The book will serve as an ideal text for postgraduate students of General Medicine, Cardiology and Pediatrics. Also, it will be an extremely useful and reliable reference source for the practising physicians.

Beginning with a clear description of basic anatomy and physiology relating to cardiovascular medicine, the book explains cardiac history taking and symptomatology. It then describes general physical examination along with arterial pulse and blood pressure. This is followed by a detailed discussion of cardiovascular examination including inspection, palpation, percussion, precordium in common heart diseases and auscultation. Thereafter, basic investigations necessary for diagnosis and management are described. These feature clinical electrocardiography which includes normal ECG, common disease conditions, drug effects, arrhythmias and prediction of coronary artery occlusion. This section also discusses radiology of the heart describing introduction, technical facts, routine reporting of x-ray chest, calcifications and other views.


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