Cardiac Fibrillation-Defibrillation: Clinical and Engineering Aspects

by Max E Valentinuzzi

This compendium gives a comprehensive overview of the advances in fibrillation-defibrillation knowledge – recognition of fibrillation as a unique life threatening cardiac arrhythmia; discovery of the electric discharge in its double role of culprit and savior; and technological improved contributions.

The book stands on the well-known philosophy of Education-Based on Problems (or EBP), that is, take fibrillation as a medical daily problem and search for that knowledge, technique or principle trying to solve it.

The book is interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary. It addresses undergraduate and graduate biomedical engineering students, physicians going into cardiology, clinical engineers and clinical engineering technicians, nurses, paramedics and emergency medical personnel.

Key Features:

No other publications covers the subject of cardiac fibrillation-defibrillation in such a comprehensive way

Addresses a wide medical, paramedical and biomedical engineering audience

Intersperses with short background materials and historical hallmarks, making the style very readable


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