Civetta, Taylor, and Kirby’s Manual of Critical Care

by Joseph Layon, Mihae Yu

Based on a best-selling reference in critical care medicine, Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby’s Manual of Critical Care delivers in a portable, softcover format the information necessary to make sound clinical decisions in the ICU.

The Manual begins with crucial guidance to help readers respond quickly and appropriately to emergencies in the ICU, then proceeds to cover the most relevant clinical information in all areas of critical care including critical care monitoring, techniques and procedures, essential physiologic concerns, shock states, pharmacology, surgical critical care, and infectious diseases.

What makes the Manual so invaluable?
• Reviews of diseases by organ system address the essentials of treating cardiovascular diseases, respiratory disorders, neurologic and gastrointestinal disorders, renal, endocrine, skin and muscle diseases, and hematologic/ oncologic diseases.
• Focus on decision-making emphasizes only the most clinically relevant material.
• Reader-friendly style includes generous use of tables and bulleted lists to make key facts easy to locate and remember.
• Full-color art format enhances visual learning.
• Portable size makes the Manual easy to take on rounds, and perfect for a quick consult.

 Look at all that’s new!
• NEW section on pharmacology
• NEW section on shock states
NEW updated resuscitative algorithms 


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