Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension 10th Edition

by Norman M. Kaplan, Ronald G. Victor

The previous Ninth Edition of this best-selling clinical textbook by a world-renowned authority on hypertension was listed as the #1 reference book by the American Society of Hypertension in 2006, and was translated into eight languages. In this Tenth Edition, Kaplan and Victor integrate the latest basic science findings and clinical trial data and present up-to-date, practical, evidence-based recommendations for treatment and prevention of all forms of hypertension. Abundant algorithms and flow charts are included to aid clinicians in decision-making.

Every page of the Tenth Edition has been thoroughly revised by the authors to cover new developments in the pathogenesis of hypertension; discussions on the significance of nighttime blood pressure; new information on the relationship of sleep apnea to blood pressure; updates on diagnosing primary aldosteronism; detailed information on the latest antihypertensive drugs, including combination drugs; and a chapter on hypertension in children and adolescents.

Highlights of the new edition include:

Discussion on the significance of nighttime blood pressure

Information on “combo” drugs, the wave of the future

New developments in pathogenesis of hypertension

Update on diagnosing primary aldosteronism

Update on the relationship between sleep apnea and blood pressure

A sound approach to the management of hypertension

Cohesive, nonrepetitive content

Distinguishes “the novel from the new, the relevant from the irrelevant”

For a complete and cohesive examination of the latest literature in the field, Kaplan’s Clinical Hypertension, 10e, is the respected, reliable source. It’s an essential volume for both the studentand practicing professional bookshelf.

The book contains black-and-white illustrations.


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