A Comprehensive Approach to Congenital Heart Diseases

Author: Vijayalakshmi IB, Rao P Syamasundar, Chugh Reema

This book entitled, A Comprehensive Approach to Congenital Heart Diseases is designed to address all the practical aspects that a health provider needs to know to deliver excellent care to the children and adults with CHD. Congenital heart diseases (CHD) are the most common birth defects among neonates born worldwide. Advancements in pediatrics, congenital heart surgery, anesthesia, internal medicine and obstetric/gynecology have allowed the majority of these infants to survive from childhood into adulthood. Systematic categorization and classifications by embryologists/pathologists had led to a fundamental understanding of these defects and their associated disorders. In this book a wholehearted attempt has been made to cover all aspects from embryology, fetal malformations, pathology, clinical approach, diagnostic investigations, management issues, current interventions to the surgery/heart-lung transplantation for CHD.


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