Handbook of Syncope: A Concise Clinical Approach

Author: Pavri Behzad B

Syncope is not infrequent: about one-third of the human species will experience at least one episode of syncope or pre-syncope in their lifetimes. This concise publication was borne out of a decade and a half of clinical practice in an academic setting during which time the author encountered a plethora of fascinating cases and electrocardiograms in real-life patients who presented with syncope. It was not infrequent that the correct diagnosis was missed, or that many thousands of dollars’ worth of tests and investigations were sometimes performed, when the clinical history, examination and ECG were already diagnostic. On the other hand, some cases were encountered where life-threatening conditions went unrecognized, leading to recurrent, often catastrophic, syncope which should and could have been prevented. The Handbook of Syncope is divided into 10 chapters; they have been written with the clinician and the physician-in-training in mind. There are numerous tables and figures that make for easy reading; the


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