Heart in Fours : Cardiology for Residents and Practitioners

Author: Murthy Pothuri Radha Krishna

Heart in Fours was first published in CME journal of IMACGP, May 1984, initially 10 pages with 55 points and it earned instant appreciation. Later, it metamorphosed into full blown work with 22 chapters containing 2,115 × 4 points in the first edition. The second edition has been improved to 2,868 × 4 points. Now, the third edition has been improved to 3,152 × 4 points with 23 chapters. Pregnancy and cardiovascular disease is the additional chapter. The ‘Number Four’ indicates definite parameters in various contexts. It is aimed at simplicity and practical use rather than theory. The causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of various cardiac complaints relevant to the topic are discussed in every chapter and a little overlapping could not be avoided.


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