Practical Cardiotocography

Author: Debdas AK

The book is directed to the current users to help them to use cardiotocography to the fullest and finest extent and to the prospective user to help to clear his or her doubt about the technique and interpretation and also to help one make the right choice of machine for one’s particular requirement. As regards to fetal care in labour, a quick FAST with CTG on admission in labour to sort out which fetus should be monitored clinically, which electronically (by CTG), which continuously, which intermittently and which should be taken up straight for caesarean section is gradually coming in vogue. And hence, the pressing need for the obstetric staff—both doctors and midwives to be thoroughly conversant with this investigative technique. Cardiotocography is to stay for the foreseeable future for want of a better and simpler method than this of fetal monitoring. The machine now features even in the private chambers of single-handed Obstetricians.


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