Functional Remediation for Bipolar Disorder

by Eduard Vieta, Carla Torrent, Anabel Martinez-Aran

Managing the cognitive difficulties experienced in bipolar disorder poses a significant challenge to patients, relatives, researchers and clinicians. This book equips readers with a thorough understanding of these cognitive deficits and, importantly, the usefulness of current treatment approaches, such as remediation, to improve functional recovery. This manual guides readers in the application of the Functional Remediation Program, providing a collection of materials enabling therapists to run group sessions. The first part focuses on cognitive deficits and their impact on functional recovery. The second part describes the operation of the program, session-by session, with reference to handouts and slides available for download from an accompanying website (URL.). Topics covered include memory, attention, and executive functions. The final part describes the efficacy of this program, particularly the functional improvements seen in participants. An essential resource for psychologists, psychiatrists and other healthcare professionals caring for patients with bipolar disorder. Describes a novel, evidence-based psychological intervention, giving readers the tools they need to implement this effectively Includes a recommended treatment plan to reduce the impact of cognitive deficits, and maximise functional recovery Supplementary material, including handouts and session slides for patients and therapists, is available on an accompanying website for download and printing


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