Pocket Tutor: Clinical Examination

Author: Cartledge Peter, Cartledge Catherine, Lockey Andrew

The book deals with the skills required by the clinician in history-taking and clinical examination of the body. It discusses about the general principles of structuring a consultation, taking a history and conducting an examination of the patient. They also explain about the approaches made for forming a differential diagnosis, along with ethicolegal considerations and a summary about evidence-based medicine. It also explains about the anatomy, physiology, specific symptoms, sign and the routes for the examinations of cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, female reproductive, neurological, cranial nerves, ophthalmology and endocrine system. They also emphasizes on some common techniques used for the clinical examination. It also deals with some special approaches made to history and examination in some patient groups like children, the elderly and critically ill patients.


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