Advances in Respiratory Therapy Research

by M.D. Milos Jesenak

The Book represents an actual view on the current trends in the area of respiratory therapy research. The amount of new information in each field of clinical medicine is astonishing and therefore we considered it very important to catch this exciting movement in the form of monograph dedicated to the advances in therapy research of various respiratory diseases. The chapters analyze the therapeutic strategies and perspectives in the management of the most common chronic diseases, especially in childhood. Due to very rapid progress in this area, it is very important that the authors succeed in summarizing the most knowledge and data about the available and possible future therapies of bronchial asthma, primary ciliary dyskinesia, chronic and acute cough, and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome. Aside from clinical chapters, the readers can also find experimental studies analyzing the possible therapeutic application of different medications and chest physiotherapy. A very important part of each chapter is the current view on the pathogenesis of particular diseases, in which understanding is crucial for better, targeted therapy and research of novel therapeutic modalities. We hope that this book will find its readers and will help physicians and other interested people to understand the most recent trends in the treatment and management of respiratory diseases.



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