Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute Guide to Patient Management and Prevention

Athena Philis-Tsimikas, MD-Corporate Vice President, Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute, La Jolla, CaliforniaStephanie Decker, RN, CDE-Manager, Professional Education, Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute, La Jolla, California

Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute Guide to Patient Management and Prevention recently honored with 4 Stars from Doody’s Book Review!

For almost 30 years, the Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute has provided diabetic patients with the quality resources they need to improve their lives. Now, with this unique guide, the Institute’s expert insights are available to physicians! Packed with key information, this portable reference presents easy-to-use tools to effectively manage and communicate with patients about diabetes. Topics include standards of care and prevention, treatment of microvascular and macrovascular complications, blood glucose monitoring, psycho-social care related to diabetes, and much more! Exploring both the medical and personal side of diabetes, this guide provides physicians with a holistic approach to treating patients. Also included are state-of-the art patient education tools such as the peer-reviewed, multi-lingual handouts on nutrition, blood glucose monitoring, and more, that appear at the beginning of each chapter. Featuring a CD-Rom, and easy-to-understand medication guides, this stand-out text is perfect for every healthcare professional treating diabetic patients.


Key features include:


  • State-of-the art patient education tools
  • A list of resources at the end of each chapter
  • Easy-to-understand lipid, hypertension, and diabetes medication guides and algorithms
  • Precalculated carbohydrate, protein, and fat servings for meals
  • CD-ROM


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