Arrhythmia Essentials

Brian Olshansky, MD-Professor of Medicine, University of Iowa HospitalsMina K. Chung, MD-Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Cleveland ClinicSteven M. Pogwizd, MD-Associate Director of Research, Division of Cardiology, University of Illinois at ChicagoAdditional Titles by this AuthorThe ECG Criteria BookISBN-13: 9780763762520The Complete Guide to ECGsISBN-13: 9780763764050

In the United States alone, more than 850,000 people are hospitalized each year for cardiac rhythm disturbances and thousands more are seen in outpatient settings and Emergency Rooms.  Hundreds of thousands of patients die from arrhythmias, making it one of the most common causes of death, but even more people are adversely affected by arrhythmia-related debilitating symptoms. 
Arrhythmia Essentials is a current, concise, and detailed guide to heart rhythm disturbances.  This pocket-sized reference is packed with vital information and includes specific examples of each arrhythmia, numerous algorithms to facilitate an approach to arrhythmia diagnosis and management, and indications for implantable rhythm management devices and ablation.
Written by leading experts in the field of cardiac arrhythmias, Arrhythmia Essentials provides a unique and contemporary review of rhythm management that is unrivaled by similar books and is a must-have resource for  physicians, nurses, students and other healthcare providers caring for patients with cardiac rhythm disturbances.


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