Alcohol Abuse and Liver Disease

M.D. James Neuberger; M.D. Andrea Dimartini

For alcoholics with liver disease, successful management must be two-fold: management of both their psychological/physical addiction to alcohol and their liver disease. Whereas in the past these two issues were approached by the hepatologist (managing the liver disease) and psychiatrist (managing the addiction/substance abuse) largely independently of the other, the modern way is a much closer collaboration between the two, the result being a more coherent, multi-disciplinary and better overall standard of care for the patient.

“Alcohol Abuse and liver disease,” with its joint focus on hepatology and psychiatry, will provide gastroenterologists/hepatologists and psychiatrists of all levels with a practical, concise and didactic guide to the investigation and clinical management of those with alcohol-related problems.

Edited by a practicing hepatologist in the UK and a practising specialist in psychiatry/substance abuse in the US, it will cover areas such as: Risk factors for alcoholic liver disease Interaction of alcohol with other co-morbidities Clinical assessment of alcohol intake Detoxification and management of withdrawal Psychotherapeutic and pharmaceutical interventions Treatment of liver disease

Key points, management diagrams and high-quality images will all be supported by the very latest in clinical guidelines from the major hepatology/psychiatry societies such as the APA, EPA, AASLD and EASL.

With increasing emphasis on multi-disciplinary speciality care in this area, this is the ideal tool to consult in order to provide the best care possible for what are very challenging patients to manage.


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