Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine (in 3 Volumes)

Stevenson Xutian; Shusheng Tai; Chun-Su Yuan
>For over two thousand years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has made many significant contributions to China's growth and prosperity. This textbook, based on the unique characteristics of TCM, discusses its principle theories and presents a comprehensive daily practice guide for health maintenance and disease treatment. The book provides clinical practitioners with a fundamental understanding of the essence of TCM. The principle theories inherent within thousands of years of classical TCM are expounded uponProvides a newer understanding of TCM by relying on evidence acquired from advanced researchCorrects inherent mistakes or omissions by discussing true TCM fundamentals independent of cultural or historical reasonsRecovers important concepts of TCM rarely acknowledged in current TCM practicesFacilitates modern medical practices with roots in TCM for better therapeutic efficacyProvides a comprehensive understanding of TCM by relying on the latest scientific achievements. We highly recommend this book for students interested in TCM, Chinese medicine doctors and other healthcare professionals, biomedical researchers, and interested individuals. Readers will benefit from the inspirational viewpoints discussed in the book.


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